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Russia and China agreed to host GLONASS and Beidou stations Russia and China have signed contracts for the deployment of Russian GLONASS stations in China and Chinese stations of the Beidou system in Russia. The contracts were signed at the ninth meeting of the Russian-Chinese committee for strategic cooperation projects on satellite navigation, which was held via videoconference. According to the ... 29/09/2022
Apple announced the transfer of iPhone 14 production from China to India Last week that JPMorgan analysts predicted that by 2025 Apple could move the production of a quarter of all iPhones to India, which is the second largest smartphone market in the world after China. At the moment, 95% of all gadgets of the American company are produced in China. Apple began manufacturing the iPhone in India in 2017 at the invi... 28/09/2022
How precious metals are used in electronics Today, all over the world, the volume of electronic scrap is growing rapidly. This is mainly used household appliances: phones, computers, tablets and other devices. Such waste, on the one hand, harms the environment, and on the other hand, they are the most valuable resources, in the truest sense of the word. As you know, various precious metal... 27/09/2022
Can Samsung buy Arm? The Internet is starting to actively discuss the possibility of buying Arm by Samsung Electronics. Samsung's de facto leader Lee Jae-yong will meet SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son in Seoul next month. By itself, this, of course, does not mean anything at all, but there are several nuances. First, there have already been rumors that Sams... 23/09/2022
Shipping problem for Ford:Shortage of Chips Ford Motor will be unable to deliver 40,000 to 45,000 vehicles to dealers in the third quarter due to a shortage of parts, the company said on Monday; according to The New York Times, the automaker is also experiencing problems with the supply of chips. Shipment problems mainly affected vehicles with high margins - full-size pickups and cross... 22/09/2022
The first quantum network beyond the Urals will be created by TUSUR specialists The head of the project office of the NTI Competence Center "Trusted Interaction Technologies" of TUSUR told TASS about the work on the first quantum network beyond the Urals. Dmitry Bragin, head of the project office of the Competence Center of the National Technological Initiative “Trusted Interaction Technologies” of TUSUR, tol... 21/09/2022
RCC completed the creation of Russian satellite equipment for global monitoring of shipping The new generation of Russian equipment for the space system of global monitoring of shipping The Russian Space Systems Holding (RSS, part of the Roscosmos State Corporation) has completed the creation of a new generation of Russian equipment for the space system of global surveillance of ships. Up-to-date information about global shipping, t... 20/09/2022
China can mass-produce 14nm and 90nm chips Chinese chip maker SMIC is capable of mass-producing 14nm chips, while SMEE is capable of mass-producing 90nm chips, SCMP said Thursday, citing a Shanghai government official. Shanghai, home to SMIC and SMEE, has become a hub for China's most competitive semiconductor manufacturers, the spokesman said. Shanghai's share in this sector ... 19/09/2022
Electronic city of Bengaluru, Karnataka: Silicon valley and The Capital of World Outsourcing Which city is known as electronic city of india? What is the Electronic City Bengaluru Karnataka? Somewhere, the neologism "to bangalore / bangalored" appeared in the English language. Internet dictionaries quite unambiguously decipher its meaning: to outsource (an employee, position, or function) to India, especially to Bangalore. We are tal... 26/09/2022
State zones for the development of new and high technologies in China By the end of the 14th five-year plan (2021-2025) in China, the number of state zones for the development of new and high technologies will increase to 220 units, Xinhua News Agency reports, citing the Ministry of Science and Technology of the PRC. The zones will cover most of the county-level cities in the eastern part of the country and the... 16/09/2022
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