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Russian scientists have proposed a method for the production of cheap high-precision antennas, including for 5G and 6G devices The cheap high-precision antennas for 5G/6G devices The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced the development of scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), which allows you to create cheap complex designs that are relevant in the production of high-precision devices, including antenn... 24/05/2022
Samsung is building a $220 million overseas research center in Vietnam The Taiwanese daily newspaper DigiTimes reported on the construction of a research and development center by Samsung Corporation, through its subsidiary, Samsung Electronics Vietnam, in the city of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. To complete construction by the end of this year, the construction of a building with an area of ​​more than 79 thousa... 23/05/2022
In Israel built apiaries with robotic beehives According to the site Tech Xplore, apiaries with robotic beehives appeared in an agricultural commune in the historical region of Galilee, located in northern Israel. The project has been implemented by startup Beewise since 2018 to reduce the mortality rate of bees, whose population has drastically declined in recent years due to environmental ... 20/05/2022
Self-driving cars will need smarter roads One way to speed up the adoption of self-driving cars is to provide them with automated high-speed lanes where they can drive past conventional vehicles without colliding with human-driven cars. Why it matters: With all the billions that companies are spending on developing automated vehicles, very little has been done to prepare US road... 19/05/2022
The global IoT market reached $190 billion in 2021 The global IoT market According to a study by ResearchAndMarkets, the volume of the global market for the Internet of things, including all services, equipment, platforms and software, as well as related services, reached $190.2 billion in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the market - digital transformation has ... 18/05/2022
B44066D Series Anti-Resonance Harmonic Filter for PFC System from TDK Chipdip: TDK B44066D In power factor correction systems, in addition to direct power factor correction capacitors and special switching devices, an additional component can also be used that improves the operation of the system - an antiresonant harmonic filter. The anti-resonance harmonic filter is an inductive frequency ... 17/05/2022
Ranking of Countries by Computing Power Tsinghua University (ranks first in the National University Rankings of China), International Data Corporation (an international research and consulting company, IDC) and the Chinese IT company Inspur (a state-owned company; server and software production, data center creation, cloud computing) conducted a comprehensive assessment of the computi... 16/05/2022
Alldatasheet Search for Electronic Components from Chipmall Alldatasheet. Where to get it and how to use it? In the speech of people associated with electronics, there is a phrase: "You need to look at the datasheet. What is meant and where to get the notorious datasheet? First, If you need to buy electronic components, then use our search on the site. First page of the datasheet After the docum... 13/05/2022
Rostec completed testing of the first prototype PD-8 engine Rostec United Engine Corporation has successfully completed the program of bench tests of the first prototype PD-8 engine. The operability of the engine and its systems, the main parameters laid down in the terms of reference, and the correctness of design solutions were confirmed. In the course of multi-stage tests, the UEC specialists debug... 13/05/2022
The Russian company "Tonk" introduced a mini-PC based on the Chinese processor Zhaoxin The Russian company Tonk presented not only a laptop based on the Zhaoxin KX6640MA x86 processor , but also a TONK TN1004 mini-PC built on the same platform. Recall that Zhaoxin processors are produced by a joint venture between VIA and Shanghai authorities. The manufacturer claims that the TONK TN1004 mini-computer is made in a durable case ... 11/05/2022
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